• Medical

    and promotional events

Other Services

1. Promotional health operations: emailing, internet diffusions, publications, flyers.

2. Concept and preparation of promotional events and marketing for the pharmaceutical industry and diagnostic laboratories.
    Symposiums, exhibition spaces, webcasting, publicity, etc.

3. Creation of communication support materials: logos, production of websites and communications materials, publishing of various communication support materials.

4. Liaisons with the scientific community.

5. Management and follow-up of the preparation and participation of healthcare professionals in events: registration, travel, transfers, hotels, etc.

6. Organization and follow-up of press events for current medical/scientific events.

7. Organization, production, publication and diffusion of scientific and expert documentation (roadmaps and expert conferences)

8. Organization, production, publication and publicity for internet courses for healthcare professionals

9. Administrative support and personnel dedicated to medical/scientific event organization.